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Date: 10th April/2011

To form 4 Beta and Alpha,

Hi! How are you? I hope all of you are in the peak of health. As I marked your essay on the advantages and disadvantages of alternative and western medicine, I found out that all of you failed to use certain words correctly. I believe that the main cause of this failure is lack of exposure to medical and scientific terms. I understand that it is not easy to write about a topic which is so factual. However, I deeply believe that the task helps develop your critical thinking skills. As the matter of fact, pressure helps to wake up the mind and make it better than yesterday. Furthermore, what is the point of being 16 years old if you can’t think out of the box? Don’t worry. I will not leave you alone. Therefore, I made my own analysis on your weaknesses and finally come up with this list of vocabulary as a solution. I hope the list will help make a better you as long as academic writing is concerned.

From Mani ak Jack.

Vocabulary on Alternative and Western Medicine (synonyms and meanings)
1. Effect (noun): result, consequence, outcome
2. Affect (verb): influence, shape,
3. Cause: reason, source, origin
4. Illness: sickness
5. Sickness: illness, bad health
6. Plague: outbreak, epidemic, infection, affliction (e.g.: Influenza, tuberculosis)
7. Disease: illness, sickness, ailment, virus, syndrome
8. Spread: increase, multiply,
9. Infection: illness, sickness, ailment, virus, syndrome
10. Infectious: transferable, contagious, transmittable
11. Treat: care for, take care of, cure
12. Recover: get well, get better, recuperate
13. Contain: include, have,
14. Content: substance, material, essence
15. Ingredient: element, component,
16. Contract: catch, has/have, (She contracts cough and flu this morning.)
17. Quality: class, value, worth
18. Effective: efficient, successful, valuable, helpful, useful
19. Effectiveness: efficiency, efficacy,
20. Approve: endorse, support, agree
21. Certify: confirm, officially state, verify, endorse, declare
22. Underpaid: poorly paid, low paid
23. Available: obtainable, accessible,
24. Opposite: contrary, conflicting, contradictory
25. Medicine: medicine, pills, tablets, drug, prescription, remedy
26. Medication: medicine, pills, tablets, drug, prescription, remedy
27. Environment friendly: harmless to environment.
28. Pollute: contaminate, poison, infect, spoil, corrupt
29. Expire: end, run out,
30. Addictive: addicted to
31. Addiction: habit, compulsion, dependence, obsession, craving
32. Fatal: deadly, lethal, incurable, serious, critical (Reckless driving can be fatal.)
33. Advice: recommendation, suggestion, counsel, guidance, opinion,
34. Advise: counsel, give advice, direct, recommend, give an opinion, warn
35. Radioactive: dangerous, unsafe, hazardous , risky
36. Qualify: meet the criteria/requirements, be eligible, become licensed, become certified
37. Herb(noun): a type of plant whose leaves are used in cooking to give flavor to particular dishes or which are used in making medicine (E.g.: turmeric, ginger, onion, Basil, oregano, rosemary)
38. Herbal (adjective): relating to herbs or made from herbs. (E.g.: I only believe in herbal remedies)
39. Compound: (combination) consisting of two or more different parts/elements/ingredients
40. Medical (adj): offering the treatment of illness (e.g.: medical book, medical checkup, medical advice, medical treatment)

Designed by:
Mani ak Jack
“My main job is to share while your main job is to apply the knowledge.” M.J.

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