Friday, April 29, 2011

Interview Tips for Jobs

Any interviewer is trained to build pressure in the interview room as they want to see how good the interviewees are in handling pressure.

First, the interviewer will try his of her best to bring you to the dead end. Be patient, and don't raise your voice.

Second, if you don't know, sy you don't know. Lies will come back to you in the future. Say sorry if you don't know and convince the interviewer that you will work on the subject.

Third, do not ever show that you are arrogant, as you are not the boss. Bow a little bit but not too much as you might be consider as a great pretender.

Four, say what you know accordingly. Reorganize your thoughts.

Finally, always stay calm as they want to see your ability to control each second of the session.

Hope you benefit a lot from these tips.

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