Friday, April 29, 2011

List of Impromptu Speeches

Tips for impromptu speeches.

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Create a mind map in your mind.

3. The topic is easy if you learn to calm down.

4. Everything will go wrong if you panic.

5. Organize your thoughts.

Remember these are ideas for impromptu speech topics which are just mini-speeches and therefore they have an opening, body and conclusion just like any other speech.
1st 10 Good Impromptu Speech Topics
• What moral issue best defines you?
• What is the biggest effect of the internet?
• Describe your worst experience
• Discuss the most memorable event in your life
• Is capitalism the best political and economic system? Defend your choice.
• Is knowledge more important than wisdom?
• Is a glass half full or half empty? Explain your choice.
• Why are humans so fascinated with understanding the universe?
• Does technology live up to it's promise?
• Ghosts I'd like to meet
2nd 10 Good Impromptu Speech Topics
• The morality of zoos
• Three keys to a happy life
• Reality TV shows
• Beauty
• You are what you eat
• Love is a choice
• Professional athletes are overpaid
• Dogs are better than cats
• How to become a millionaire
• Importance of communication
3rd 10 Good Impromptu Speech Topics
• Bottles versus cans
• Real or fake Christmas trees
• peer to peer technology
• Motorcycle helmets
• the assasination of a dictator can/cannot be justified
• Curfews
• Alien abductions
• The worst/best book you ever read
• All time favorite movie
• Your first memory
4th 10 Good Impromptu Speech Topics
• The best things in life are free
• Clothes make the man/woman
• Happy drugs (prozac, zoloft, etc.)
• Good versus Evil
• Your favorite sound
• Your least favorite sound
• Exams are/are not good forms of assessment
• Why it's important to meditate
• What are you grateful for?
• Speed dating
5th 10 Good Impromptu Speech Topics
• Your favorite relative
• Your favorite holiday
• Internet affairs
• The greatest gift we can give others is...
• If I were invisible for a day...
• What I would do if I knew I could not fail
• The most successful person I know
• Good grades matter
• Everyone should be a volunteer
• hybrid animals

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