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Midst of Hardship by Latif Mohidin


TITLE: Midst of Hardship

POET: Latiff Mohidin





This poem is about a group of poor people (particularly the farmers who live in the village or remote areas who depend solely on crops to survive). These people are so used to the difficult lives that they face every day that they don’t even consider the suffering as a burden. They accept and face all the hardships with an open mind and heart.

Designed by: Mani ak Jack (15th-18th/04/2011)

Midst of Hardship (explanation on the vocabulary)

1. Dawn : (synonyms: sunrise, daybreak, first light, early morning) (antonyms: dusk: evening ,nightfall)
2. Soaked: (synonyms : very wet, drenched, flooded) (antonym : dry)
3. Torn: (synonyms: ragged, worn out, frayed)
4. Approach: (synonyms : come near, come close to)
5. Limbs: an arm or leg
6. Scratches: (synonyms: mark, cut, scar, bruises (commons effect of scratching)
7. Wounds: (synonyms: injury, cut, abrasion )
8. Brows : forehead, (the part of the face that is above the eyes and below the hair)
9. Sign: (synonyms: symbol, indication)
10. Despair: (synonyms: misery, desolation, hopelessness, anguish, gloom, depression, dejection)
11. Whole: (synonym: entire)
12. Horrendous: (synonyms: awful, dreadful, terrible, unbearable, unspeakable, and horrific)
13. Bloated : (synonyms: swollen, distended)
14. Carcasses: (synonyms: corpse, remains, body, skeleton)
15. Tiny: (synonyms: small, little)
16. Chip: (synonyms: fragment, (a small piece of wood, glass) debris
17. Barks: def: the outer covering a tree (the skin of a tree, the outer part of a tree)
18. Desperately: (synonyms: very much, badly, greatly, dreadfully, urgently,)
19. Albino:( def: a person or an animal that is born with no colour)
20. Amidst: (can also be spelled amid and mid) (synonyms: in the middle of, among, in the midst of)
21. Sigh: (synonyms: moan, groan, and exhale noisily.)
22. Complaint: (synonyms: grievance, grumble, and objection.)

Designed and prepared by: Mr. Mani ak Jack (5/3/2011)

“Sharing knowledge is my job while applying the knowledge is your job. Mani Jack” ___________________________________________________________________

Questions to ponder:In the Midst of Hardship
From the title, what do you think the poem is about?
What is the occupation of the people in the picture?
Are these people living in hardship?
If yes, provide some examples of the hardship that they face?
Do you think they are contented with their lives? Why?


“In the Midst of Hardshipis a poem that reminds us that life has its ups and downs.
People are faced with great difficulties during natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. They encounter hardship, pain and even death. However, the natural disaster will eventually subside. Life will go on. Instead of lamenting over the painful experience, the villagers in this poem choose to be grateful to be alive. They still have their home and each other.
Life will go on; they will get over the hardship together and resume their lives.”

First Stanza

At dawn they returned home their soaky clothes torn and approached the stove and approached the stove their limbs marked by scratches their legs full of wounds but on their brows

The family returns home at daybreak soaked to the skin.
They have scratches and wounds on their hands and legs.
They do not look depressed or disturbed by it all.

Second Stanza

There was not a sign of despair the whole day and night just passed they had to brave the horrendous flood in the water all the time between bloated carcasses and tiny chips of tree barks and desperately looking for their son’s albino buffalo that was never found

They have been out the whole day and night.
They have trudged though the floodwater which is full of twigs, branches and dead animals.
They are looking for their son’s albino buffalo.

Third Stanza

They were born amidst hardship and grew up without a sigh or a complaint now they are in the kitchen making jokes while rolling their cigarette leaves.

Although they have been poor from birth and have experienced a lot of hardships, they grew up without regrets.
They are now relaxing in the kitchen, cracking jokes and preparing to have a smoke.

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